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I can't stop playing and replaying this beautiful video!! You guys did such an amazing job." - Laiyia


"This is fantastic! We absolutely love it, brought tears to my eyes." Christina and Chris


"It is absolutely amazing! We are so excited and can't wait to share it with everyone."  Melissa and Jared


"The video is INCREDIBLE! Thank you SOOOO much for the wonderful work!!! " - Chelsea


"I just watched the videos and all i can say is WOW!  Absolutely fantastic.  The music was flawless and the beat drops...brilliant.  Both videos were absolutely awesome." - Amit and Sara


"We saw the video and ABSOLUTELY love it!!! We saw it about a thousand times!!!" - Nahid and Ryan 

"Thank you so much for sending the video! We love it so much." -  Samantha and Peter


"Thank you so much for our recap highlight, Craig!  This is wonderful!  We absolutely love it." Laura and Ryan


"Absolutely amazing.  Seriously, fantastic job." -  Lee


"Thank you so much for capturing our happiest day on film.  You and your partner were everywhere at once and yet invisible - the true mark of a professional." - Carrie (Mother of Bride)


"Dear Craig,  Thank you so much for all your hard work on July 13th!  We really appreciated your incredible professionalism, humor, and ability to brave the humidity!  We will definitely be recommending you to our friends.  We absolutely LOVE the video!  Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully!" - Amanda & Bryan


Dear Craig, T H A N KY O U  SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Marianna is still crying... It's AMAZING!!!! We were sure you'd do a good job, but THIS IS GREAT! We have no words to thank you!  CRAIG GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE!!!!  You've made us so happy. We felt again the same emotions of that day. - Alfredo & Marianna  


 "This is the most amazing thing EVER!!!! We are so glad we have you guys there to capture every beautiful moment. A simple thank you will never be enough!!" - Britney & Terence


"Craig - This is INCREDIBLE!!!!! We love it so much!!! And the song that your team ended up selecting from my list works perfectly! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! You are so talented!!" - Samantha


  "The video is incredible. We are thrilled. I can't thank you enough. I have watched it a hundred times already!!!!!" - Kimberly and Kyle


 "I awoke this morning with tears in my eyes just thinking over the moments that you had captured.  I am breathless, what a beautiful clip of Sarah and Mark!  In those few short minutes you were able to capture the very essence of them both, who they are as a couple and who they are individually. You must well imagine that Sarah has always been that special daughter that has been through this life before; we consider her an old soul and in many ways she has raised us.  You were able to put that on film in so many ways, by capturing her eyes, and genuine sweetness, her passion and sincerity right there for us to all see.  I think what is most important to us is this gigantic, overwhelming day has been made intimate.  You knew who and what was most important to us, and fine tuned it step by step. I don’t think Bill has stopped crying.  You are a true artist and we so appreciate all you time and personal attention to this beautiful day."  - William and Candice


Hi Craig, Hope all is well! Our wedding video is incredible!!!! Thank you so much again for everything! It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate all that you did to document our day!  You are so talented!  - Sam


Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you from our very first meeting and I would recommend you to anyone. You stayed out of sight at the wedding, but at the same time I know you must have been there for everything!  You were laid back and easy going and it helped keep a calm atmosphere during an exciting time.  You made us both feel very comfortable." - Brie & Tony


"Just want you to know we Love, Love, Love, the video. It was really amazing to see our wedding from the "outside". I think you really captured "us" & the spirit of the day. (I didn't know how well Chris & I danced together - good editing -haha) Thank you so much. You are truly talented & we are so happy that it was you who documented our day." - Carol and Chris


"I was just amazed to see that you guys basically took that idea and made it 100 times better than what I had in my mind. The footage, the editing, everything is just fantastic. I really couldn't be happier with it, and I am pretty difficult to please with things like this (you can ask the comedy troops that turn videos in to my site). Truly a work of art. " - Jack and Sara


"Everyone raves about our highlight video and our friends and family think that you guys are definitely the best they've ever seen in wedding videography. " - Tina


"WOW!!! What a phenomenal job you did - we absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you. We just love it :) - Stephanie


"Hi Craig. I just love the clip!  You guys are so amazing.  I cherish it." - Nicole


" It was all I was hoping it would be.  Thank you so much. We will enjoy it FOREVER!  . . . . . . and should anyone need a videographer we will recommend you with confidence" - Barbara


"I wanted to let you know that Alex and I LOVED the wedding video.  We are really enjoying it!" -Kim


"Hi Craig, We got the wedding video's in the mail and LOVE it!!!!  You guys really truly captured the fun and wonder of the day and we are so happy." -  Angelica


"Hi Craig. It looks great!!! I am so happy we did the video, you did a BEAUTIFUL job." - Carla


"Dear Craig, Once again, we are extremely impressed with your work. We absolutely LOVE the video! You did an outstanding job capturing all of the meaningful moments of our wedding day. We are so happy to have our ceremony, our dance, the dances with our parents, and our toasts on film. And your artistic touch continues to amaze us. The scenes of our young niece and nephew outside the church and at the house are breathtaking, and the cocktail hour and "party" scenes truly capture the mood of the day. I know that we will treasure the memories you have captured for many years to come. Thank you so much!" - Sarah


"Hey Craig, We got the video...and absolutely love it!!  You really did a wonderful job!" - Tara and Greg


"Wow, we just wanted to say how great of job you guys did…We loved it" - Jessica


"Hi Craig. OMG!!!!!! We can't thank you enough. I've already watched it about 17 times and we've only had it for an hour and a half. I think I have issues! haha. Seriously, the video is AMAZING!!! We had high expectations (we must have watched all the videos on your site about 5 times each!) and you still managed to blow us away. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You were by far our favorite investment when it came to our wedding. Now we can re-live it over and over and over." - Rachel


"Good Morning Craig, We received the wedding video and were absolutely blown away! Hats off to you for a beautiful, creative job. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to you and everyone involved. Thank you for your patience and hard work to create this much beloved video for us." - Ginger


"By the way, you guys were amazing during the big day. So many people had no idea we even had video being taken." - Lisa


" We received our wedding video last night and loved every minute of it!   Thank you so much for capturing our big day and telling our story in such a beautiful way.  We love how everything came together in film and music selection was perfect!" -  Tram-Anh and Danny


SOOO SOOO SOO AWESOME! love your style! you really rock!!!!!!!! =) YOU MADE MY DAY! Thanks a MILLION!!!!!" 
- Kristin


"OMG Craig! I absolutely love it! You're amazing! Thank you so much!" - Jessica